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Mystical Offerings Healing Portal for Distance Healing.

It is in this healing portal that you can receive and send energy and love.

Please take just a moment to relax and feel centred. Focus your entire awareness on the picture.  It is a mystic gateway. Imagine that your breath is carrying you through this vortex and back again as you visualize the energy moving with each breath.

Visualise yourself in the picture as the energy swirls around you in these spectacular colours. As you do this, know that a shimmering life force—from the hundreds of people that are sending energy into this same image—is flowing into your heart center and into your body. Wave after wave of sparkling, vibrant energy is filling your entire being. Continue to visualise yourself as the in the piucture and as you do this imagine energy streaming through your heart centre to the people that are here asking for assistance or healing. (This energizes you as well as the people that you are sending to. Know that all you give with an open and loving heart returns to you a thousand fold.)
Wish tree distance Mystical Offerings
The Ash Tree has been chosen for our  wish tree.

Tie your wishes to the branches using visualisation techniques, and we will include them in our full moon ritual.

The Ash tree has always been given mystical import and character, frequently being associated with healing and enchantment. In Celtic literature, there are many references to the Ash tree, but in particular it is associated with the Welsh Magician-God Gwyddion, who bears an Ash staff/wand, a symbol of healing and especially transformation and empowerment in matters of destiny. As such, in the Mabinogion, the magic of Gwydion is concerned with tricking Arianhrod to give the young Llew his arms which she had previous sworn never to do, having placed a Geis (or conditional curse or fate ) upon him. Gwydion used his powers of enchantment and transformation to create a phantom army fleet of ships which then tricks Arianhrod into giving Llew his arms, and thus removing the Geis upon his destiny. Llew is later said in the myth to rest as an Eagle in an Ash Tree.

PSYCHIC READING/HEALING - Available to book by appointment.

Each psychic reading is unique and may or may not involve all or some of the following:
Tarot & oracle cards

This is not a spirit reading. This is a psychic reading using universal energies and intuition.

Combine this with a healing session for £50 lasting 2 hours in total.

Healing session.
The therapist has many modalities at their disposal and may use some of the following.
Reiki energy
Spirit Animal
Dowsing pendulums

Healing may be focussed on emotional, karmic, physical and/or spiritual depending on what is needed. You are given the opportunity to discuss the findings with the psychic therapist and as a free bonus, have this discussion recorded and emailed as an MP3 file.

The reading and healing take place whilst you relax on a therapy bed.

Distance healing mystical offerings

Distance Healing

Here at Mystical Offerings, we regularly send out distance healing to those in need.

If you or somebody you know is in need of healing, then please use our contact form giving the name and location as well as details of the reason you or others require healing.

We ask for a £3 donation, by clicking the PayPal button below.  All proceeds go to charity.  We are currently raising funds for the Billy Blue Eyes Campaign.