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Reiki and Attunements

The main purpose of attunements to Reiki or reiju (pronounced Ray-joo) is to raise the student’s energy level to re-connect to the true inner self (soul), plus strengthen the connection to universal spiritual energy.

Once you have made the decision to embark on this journey, it is important to prepare yourself, thus minimising the effect of the cleansing process and maximising the effectiveness of the whole experience.

Vibrational Reiki is the newest form of energy healing that combines Reiki, Sound and Vibrations into a system of natural healing that is more powerful and healing than any one system is alone.

This powerful marriage of sound, vibration and energy enhances even the most basic of healing sessions and delves deep into the layers of disease and disharmony. This energy system works on multiple layers of healing including the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

You will discover how to combine both of these wonderful modalities into your next healing session to bring healing and balance to your client base.

In this certification you will become a Usui Reiki Practitioner, a Sound Therapist AND a Vibrational Reiki practitioner.

This system contains three levels of training, attunements and certification. and costs £175 per level including forks.

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life
Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. In a nutshell, "doing" Reiki for animals simply means learning to meditate with your animals. The practices of Reiki help us navigate our life's challenges with grace and surrender while we to learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space. Compassion is the ultimate healer.
Book a reiki healing appointment from £15, on site visits are £25. .

Come along and enjoy a one to one healing session for your animal. The sessions last for 2 hours and shows you how to perform the reiki energy healing on your pet. Costs for the session is £35 payable upon booking.

  Click on the image to download our December 2015 newsletter all about animal reiki.


Usui Shiki Ryoho developed the Usui System of Natural Healing, as a Japanese Healing Art.

LEVEL 1  from ...£100

LEVEL 2  from ...£100

MASTERS  from...£200

A minimum of 21 days should be left between LEVEL 1 & 2 and 1 year between LEVEL 2 and master Attunements.

 Cost of therapies are £20 and we reccomend you experience reiki as a therapy prior to embarking on attumenments.

We are often asked about other forms of reiki attunements, and do offer a variety.  We strongly believe that Reiki is one "life force energy" and the themed reiki attunements incorporate this energy but combines it with other modalities of healing to help you to connect to that energy flow.  Details of our varieties of reiki energy healing packages can be viewed in the gallery below.


Reiki/Seichem Is powerful system using all four healing elements.
It promotes and accelerates healing on many levels and is excellent for those suffering with stress related conditions. Reiki/Seichem Healing is very powerful affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as promoting deep levels of relaxation.
Reiki is the attunement to the Earth energy & Seichem introduces the missing part of Air, Fire and Water using the four elements as a balanced energy healing system.

Benefits of Seichem

Seichem has many of the same benefits as Reiki but as the energy works on all levels simultaneously (spirit, mind, emotions and physical) it gives a different holistic scope of benefits. Seichem connects with ‘All love’ and from that source comes a greater opportunity to begin and to increase the love of self and others. You may have noticed that people who have that connection with themselves tend to be at peace with their being, which in turn gives them mental clarity, emotional stability and physical health and vitality. Wellbeing always begins at that spiritual or higher level and cascades down through the auric layers (subconscious & superconscious) to the physical (conscious) mind and body.

LEVEL 1  from ...£100

LEVEL 2  from ...£100

MASTERS  from...£200

butterfly energy attunememt
Butterfly energy attunement

The transformative nature of the butterfly is expressed powerfully in the energy of the attunement in order to assist you in bringing change and development to your own life and others during healing work.

Cost £30

Butterflies are symbols of freedom and creativity; they hold the power of transformation and soul evolution. To the Native American Indians, the butterfly is a symbol of joy. They remind us not to take life so seriously. They spread beauty and a wonderful messengers of the moment.

The butterfly is powerful to totem to work with and will enhance almost anybody's development and healing work.
elements energy attunement


Do you feel highly connected to spirit, yet struggle with manifesting your desires and creating the life that you want? Do you find it hard to stay grounded no matter what you do?

During this time of increased spiritual evolution, maintaining a deeply grounded connection to the earth has become one of our greatest challenges! Yet, our ability to manifest our desires, fulfil our life's purpose and thrive in life, rely on us having a profound connection with our beloved planet.

During these attunements the four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) and their symbols will be imprinted into your energy field, helping you to release blocks and form a deep, lasting connection with the earth. Gaia, Archangels Ariel & Sandalphon, and Goddess Nematona (sacred spaces) will guide this attunement and bless you with their divine frequencies. You will also learn how to use the symbols to heal yourself, and the planet.

This system takes place over 4 sessions, costing £30 for each session.

All participants will receive a manual, and certificate by email.

The four elements & their symbols will be imprinted into your energy field, helping you to release blocks and form a deep, lasting connection with the earth. Gaia, Archangels Ariel & Sandalphon, and Goddess Nematona will guide this attunement and bless you with their divine frequencies.

During the attunement process, you will be taken on a journey to connect with the source element. The energies will be passed to you during this time.

Please note the cost of attunement to each element is £30.

Unicorn Energy Healing System

Experience the gift of unconditional love and the power of healing. The Unicorn Energy Healing System attunes you to the good and pure energies of the unicorns. Unicorns symbolise innocence, purity, love and goodness of heart, which shows in their aura of white and gold. The unicorn, and especially the horn, possess magical powers consisting of pure Divine energy. By contact with these noble creatures humans can experience the healing of their soul and learn again to hear and see with their hearts.

A unicorn energy attunement and guided meditation will cost £30. This includes a pdf manual and certificate.

For an extra £20 you can also receive a reiki charged selenite unicorn healing wand.

Contact us to book.

Magical Nature Energy Attunement

This lovely course shows you that Mother Earth is the soul of the planet with her own Consciousness, Chakra System and Aura. We can all raise the earth vibrations for healing

Tuning into Mother earth's energies can teach healing, love, peace, and spiritual enlightenment by enhancing the powers of
fairies, elves, tree spirits, gnomes and sylphs who love to help and heal.

This course can help with:

Ascension and Spiritual Growth

Healing and Clearing

Raising our Vibration

Connecting to Mother Earth, Nature Spirit Guides

Clairvoyance to see the Nature Beings

Clear Away negative thoughts and programming

Connect to Past Lives that hold sacred knowledge of Nature

Raise consciousness to help ground Spiritual Energies.

The cost is £25 including manual and certificate.

You will relax on our therapy bed or reclining padded chair and listen to a guided meditation whilst you are attuned to the magical nature energies. In addition to being attuned to this wonderful healing system you will relieve a healing session.

The cost of the attunement process is £30

Mystical Offerings - The Swan Energy Attunement

This unique system of swan healing empowerment will connect you to the Swan’s Wisdom which Includes awakening the power of self, balance, grace, inner beauty, innocence, self-esteem, understanding dream symbols, seeing into the future, understanding spiritual, evolution, developing intuitive abilities, divination, grace in dealing with others and commitment.

This swan energy represents grace on many levels. It is associated with love, poetry and music.

To receive this Attunement, you will take part in a deeply relaxing meditation, and during this time, the energies will be passed to you.

You will receive a PDF emailed certificate and manual giving instructions on how to use this system and how you can pass the energies to others.

This Attunement is shared with you in a group environment and costs £10 pp.  For an individual attunement the cost is £30
Mystical Offerings Attunement to the Sea Witch energies.

Water Witches are sometimes called Sea Witches, but many of them find a calling with inland creeks, rivers, and lakes. It is rare for them to limit themselves to any one type of body of water. They generally align with all forms, including rain.

The Water Witch can see things that those on other paths cannot. In fact, the human sense of sight belongs in her realm. Just as the seas teem with life that we have yet to discover and understand, the Water Witch know s that there is much more to our world than what is within our eyesight! While she can be highly superstitious, for the most part she simply knows that there is more just waiting to be discovered, as well as some things that humanity has known about and forgotten over the ages. The old phrase “out of the blue” speaks volumes about the ability of the Water Witch to tune in to her intuition. She is often very gifted in divination practices. Tarot is usually her divinatory tool of choice, but she also has a talent for dowsing.

To receive this Attunement, you will take part in a deeply relaxing meditation, and during this time, the energies will be passed to you.

You will receive a PDF emailed certificate and manual giving instructions on how to use this system and how you can pass the energies to others.

This Attunement is shared with you in a group environment and costs £10 pp.  For individual sessions the cost is £30 pp

Golden Ray Energy Attunement

This is the recent high vibration energy Ray to be channelled. The Golden Ray is so powerful it can dissolve negative energy within the healer and be pushed out into the aura. The Golden Ray is the Highest Ray energy which provides protection, clearance and vibration healing.

Cost £30

The Golden Ray attunement can be an emotional experience similar to karmic release. A variety of crystals are used during the attunement, along with sound.

The experience lasts for around an hour. After which you are emailed a certificate and manual. You are then able to pass on these energies.

It is sometimes necessary to receive a healing session one week prior to the attunement if you have been carrying a lot of negative emotion with you for some time.

The Mystical Offerings Magickal Oak Tree Attunement

Allow your power to be born in the majesty of silence

as you return from your silent, deep place within you..

Be still .. let everything go. Imagine spiralling down the magical oak tree

into the source of your essence ...

Imagine your feet becoming the roots of the tree....

Breathe deeply and thanks the oak tree for allowing you that divine space.

The magickal oak tree attunement is part of our enchanted forest series of attunements.

The attunement takes place in a group environment and the energies are passed whilst you are in a deeply relaxed state during a guided meditation that connects you to the magickal energies.

You recieve a PDF manual and certificate with free bonus pdf's.  For each attunement £5 is donated to the woodland trust.  Group Attunements are £15 pp

Akashic Records Guided meditation and energy attunement.

Akashic is Sanskrit for “primary substance”.

The Akashic Records are known by different names throughout the world - such titles as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious, and the Soul Records.

The Akashic records contain all knowledge that is in the past, present, and future. All recordings of words, deeds, thoughts, actions of EVERYONE and everything is recorded here!

The Akashic Records are not physical books or scrolls, though many people see them as such when they access them, but they are actually an energetic vibration. It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand.

Through clarity comes understanding and with this comes the opportunity to release old negative patterns to make way for new growth and spirituality

Accessing the Akashic Records can help you to discover more about yourself. Such things as:

Your opportunities

Your life purpose

Understanding of your karma and destiny

This healing session can take place as a one to one session or in a group.

You are guided i

nto a deep state of relaxation and go on an individual journey to discover your records. Whilst you are in an altered state, the energies are passed to you to aid with your discovery.

A grounding exercise takes place after this experience and you are given an opportunity to discuss the findings and leave enlightened.

On a one to one, this session costs £45 and includes a healing session prior to the meditative attunement.

For the meditation and attunement only in a group environment, the cost is £20.

Enhance your psychic abilities and clear away any 3rd eye blockages with this guided meditation and energy attunement.

Spiritual Attunement helps by dissolving the negativity in the your energy system. As you let go of the old thought forms (negativity), the ability to open more to higher frequencies without discomfort is possible, therefore you will feel more peaceful, relaxed, happy and Loving and there is an improvement in the your spiritual abilities, as they become clearer filters for Source energy.

You will begin this session with a powerful clearing of your bodies energy systems.

Once your body has reached Theta state, you will then be guided through meditation to access higher energies.

This attunement must take place in complete darkness so a face mask must be applied which will help to access the Pineal Gland, which exist here all knowing past, present and future.

The cost of this Attunement is £10 and is payable upon booking. The cost includes an emailed PDF certificate and manual.

This attunement is specifically for assisting with your psychic gifts. The Reiki Psychic Attunement helps increase awareness on all levels: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, and helps open and expand your natural psychic abilities, as well as helping to clear the above mentioned bodies to allow your natural psychic talents to surface.

This attunement DOES NOT give "Instant Psychic Powers", but helps to open the person more to allow their natural psychic abilities to come through. As you may have heard many times, everyone has some psychic abilities, but many people either never explore the possibilities, or just don't know how to.

With this attunement, people who have had experiences with clairvoyance or someone who has had dreams in which they have received information, may experience stronger and clearer messages, information and dreams. It's also possible for the attunement to open a psychic ability that the person is not aware of.

In most cases people who receive this attunement will experience a very gradual, subtle shift in awareness and psychic abilities. Many times they will not consciously be aware of any increase in their abilities, but that doesn't mean one is not taking place. The awareness could range from something as clear as making a proper decision in your day to day activities, or as powerful as seeing a future event.
Fairy Realms Reiki is geared towards healing of the natural environment,healing with help from the natural environment, and to connect with nature spirits and fairies. Fairy Realms is focused on helping growth of plants and animals, cleansing the earth of toxins, grounding, and facilitating contact between the human and fairy realms.

Use Fairy Realms Reiki helping gardens, flowers and forests grow, assisting with the healing of animals, and opening the psychic centers to communicate with fairies and other nature spirits.

You will take part in a meditation using a variety of sounds to connect you with the vibration of the fae realm. During the meditation the energies will be passed to you enabling you to channel these energies.

The cost of £10pp includes an emailed PDF certificate and manual which shows you how to use this beautiful healing system and how to pass on these energies to others.  An individual attunement costs £30 pp.  We also offer a fairy reiki complete system level 1 to masters for those already experienced in reiki.  These individual attunements are £50 pp

Healing your Inner Child can be an emotional and profound healing session and is highly effective when conducted on a one to one basis. The emotional release can be uplifting but also exhausting so it is wise to set some time aside after this session to relax and readjust.

The root chakra is often affected by traumas from childhood and therefore the session begins with some root chakra exercises and healing.

After the root chakra is cleansed and rebalanced, we then begin a guided meditation to release the hurt stored in our subconscious minds.

During the meditation you are passed an energy to further help with the healing process which will continue to help you through your lifetime.

Due to the nature of this session and the techniques involved it is sometimes necessary to obtain your doctors permission if you are currently suffering from depression or are receiving counselling. It is therefore essential that you complete a booking questionnaire prior to the therapy.

Allow 3 hours for this session at a cost of £50.

Each healing session is tailored to your requirements to ensure you receive the healing you need. Each meditation is uniquely scripted to enhance the experience and effectiveness.

Learn animal reiki.

Reiki reduces stress and induces deep relaxation. It can be used: after surgery following an illness for an ageing animal.

It also provides compassionate support to help an animal make the transition, when the time has come to pass away, more peaceful for all concerned.

It is also an extremely powerful tool for emotional healing following :-

* A trauma, abuse, neglect

* Fear and Trust Issues

Reiki is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle and non invasive. It doesn't cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and has great results and can be used alongside veterinary care.

Our animal reiki package includes attunement to Usui reiki level one and also attunements to animal protection energies.

You will also spend a day learning how to apply reiki to a variety of animals.

If booked as a complete package the cost is £299 and requires 4 sessions over a period of a minimum of 2 months.

Click on the image to download our December newsletter, all about Animal Reiki.