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Sound Therapy, Sound Baths at Mystical Offerings using Chau Drums, Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes and an array or instruments that provoke your mind.  We have a huge selection of instruments and the selection used depends on the theme.  Our soundbaths can be booked for 2 for £20pp or for a group of 10 at £10pp.


Use the contact form below to book a treatment or make enquiries.  We will be attending a number of events in 2016 and offering sound baths to larger groups.  If you would like to book us for your event then please also use the contact form below.

Journeying through sound with Magickal Nature- visit a desolate island with a crystal cave and relax on the sand to the sounds of the ocean and listen to the whales in the distance. Visit a tropical rain forest and breathe in the oxygenated air whilst you listen to the rain pour and natural sounds of the forest. 1 hour. Each session can be tailored to your preferences. Experience a selection of vibrations and sound through the use of gongs, crystal singing bowls and chimes while nature sounds play in the background.  You are taken on a journey to profound relaxation and healing.

Our sound baths take place in a group environment or booked for 2.  Check out our events for scheduled sound baths and contact us to book.

Chakra balancing with sound - rebalance and energise your chakras with the vibrations and sounds of 7 crystal singing bowls. This sound bath can be booked for 1 at £35 pp, or for 2 people at £20 pp.  Group sound baths of 10 people are £10 pp.

Angelic light meditation through sound using sound therapy tuning forks to raise your vibrations to the angelic realm. We use a selection of instruments including the harp and chimes to help you contact your angelic guides and ask for what it is you need in your life right now. Sound Healing is used, as it has been in ancient times, for harmonizing our minds, bodies and spirits, and as a portal through the soul to the celestial realms.

Lasting 1 hour. These can be tailored to your individual needs and work with specific angelic guides. For a bespoke session for 1 person, the cost is £40.  If you would like to incorporate an angelic energy attuunement then the cost is £50 pp.  This sound bath can also be booked for  2 people at £25 pp.  Group sound baths of 10 people are £10 pp.

Sacred Spirit of the Drums - Clear Energy blockages with drums. This is a very powerful sund bath and not for the faint hearted.  The power of the drum will become evident as you lay and feel the vibrations powering throughb your body.  We use a base acoustic drum, chau drums, wind gong, cajon brum, djembe and rattles and chants.  The shamanic flute provides gentle relief from the intense sound of the drums.  This sound bath provides an intense energy clearance and the vibrations and sounds of chau drums, bodhran drums and rattles are used to shift any stubborn or unidentifiable energy blockages. This experience can take place in a group environment and lasts around 1 hour.  Costs are depending on group sizes and starts at £10 pp for a group size of 10 or more. This sound bath can be booked for 1 person at £35 pp, or for 2 people at £20 pp. 

Faerie Realm Dance energy connection with sound. A faery meditation using a variety of sounds and vibrations including angelic chimes, koshi chimes and tibetan bells to communicate with the fae realm. A deeply enlightening and relaxing meditation lasting one hour and costs £30. We also have a variety of certificated fae healing energy attunements which can be incorporated into these therapies. Please contact us for more information and costs. These meditations and therapies usually take place whilst you relax on a therapy couch, on a reclining couch or beanbag.  This sound bath can be booked for 1 at £35 pp, or for 2 people at £20 pp.  Group sound baths of 10 people are £10 pp.

Egyptian Sound Baths
The effect that the sounds and vibrations have on you physically and spiritually are amplified by experiencing the sound bath whilst sitting inside a copper pyramid and holding healing rods.  Combine this experience with the energies of a full moon and you will  have an adventure which you wil never forget.

This sound bath can be booked for 1 at £45 pp, or for 2 people at £25 pp.  Group sound baths of 5 people are £15 pp.
Unicorn Magick combines the energy of the healing unicorn and sound to take you to an ethereal vibrational level........coming soon......
Sounds of the Ocean ..... coming soon
Solitude for those who need time to escape into their own subconcious minds .... coming soon ...
A place to dream sound bath .... coming soon ....
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